Gym Grub

Gym Grub is a unique 12 week Nutrition and Exercise package where JJK supplies macro-nutrient, calorie specific, personalised meals and snacks on a 5 or 6 day per week plan.
It is specifically tailored to YOU and is geared towards your transformation aims such as losing body fat, building muscle or changing the shape of your body.
Gym Grub is a selection of healthy foods designed and prepared, for you to eat alongside your chosen training regime to achieve the best results possible.

Gym Grub Initial Review

Most clients start with a visit to our studios to discuss their Gym Grub requirements and how that would harmonise with their training and exercise regime.
We talk about how they wish to transform themselves, whether its fat loss, or muscle building or simply maintenance.
From this we establish the dietary needs, targets and length of plan and the whether it is a 5 or 6 day plan. These are your daily calorific intakes and macro-nutrients such as Carbohydrates, Fats and Protein
You can mix and match your Gym Grub with your own food and drinks intake as long as you stay within the agreed Calorific Intake.
Our compulsory 'day of rest' is Sundays when you a completely free to eat and drink your own foodstufffs
We can Deliver to your door for a small charge

Step1: Choose Your Pac Plan

There are 13 PAC Plans to choose from, ranging from a single daily meal over five days (1 PAC 5 Days) to six meals/snacks a day for six days (known as 6 PAC 6 Days) .

Step 2: Choose Training Plan

We run a variety of training and exercise memberships
One-to-One or Paired Personal Training
Small Group Personal Training membership
Group Exercise membership
Or alternatively no exercise plan

Step 3: Goal Setting

We will set your goals during the initial consultation and then monitor your progress once per week. Your allocated trainer will conduct a review every three weeks and may make a few adjustments to your plan.

Transformation Results

See some of the Gym Grub Nutrition and Exercise Short Term Results


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No shopping, no thinking about what’s healthy and what’s not. No cooking, no chucking out fresh food from your fridge that’s cost you a bomb, good portions sizes so not left hungry.