Group Exercise

Group Exercise


Our recognised Group Exercise Classes are challenging, fun & unique. Each delivered by our experienced & knowledgeable team.

We offer 21 group exercise classes per week, Monday – Saturday. We offer LBT, Boxercise, SPIN, Circuit Training, Power Yoga,  HIIT 45, Kettle Bells, SPINHIIT, Body Blitz, Boxing Bootcamp, BOXHIIT, Bootcamp and The JJK 1000.

It doesn’t matter what your fitness levels are like at the start as these classes are mixed ability and gender.  If you are willing to push yourself you will be training alongside like-minded people in our fun loving, challenging and Rewarding Classes

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THE JJK 1000 Calorie Burn

The JJK1000 is a brand new proven fitness class, carefully developed and tested by lead trainer Joe Kelly and his team.  This class will ensure that all participants burn at minimum of 1000 calories in just one session.

The workout will consist of 4 zones each run by a different Personal Trainer. 20 minutes per zone.

HIIT Training

Strength Training

Endurance Training


We hold this class once a month as special, dates for diary;

08:30am – 25th November and 16th December 2017

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How Does this work?

If you would like to try our Group Exercise the why not sign up for a FREE 10 Day Pass and come along without any obligation:

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To enable you to attend these Group Exercise Sessions why not come along on a FREE 10 Day Pass. This will give you an opportunity to see and be part of one of our Groups before joining as a Member who then gets unlimited access to a range of different exercise types and groups, held at varying times of the week and with a mixture of Instructors.

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Monthly membership fee:  £75 for unlimited classes
Pay as you go:  £10 per class

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We use our own variant of the Smartphone Mobile Booking and Enrolment App for taking bookings for the Small Group Training Sessions. If this is new to you we would be only too happy to help you get enrolled and set up if you wish to book from you Smartphone. The JJK App is can be downloaded onto you Smartphone enabling you to see JJK’s Timetable on the move.

If you wish to book here or on another computer later then simply click on timetable and make a booking.

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Download the JJK App from google or apple store now!

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