Small Group Personal Training allows you to train together, get results fast, have fun, keep each other accountable and lowers the cost.

These sessions allow you both to do something for yourselves, helping & motivating each other achieve your goals whilst being guided by our fully qualified personal trainers.
The classes happen mid-week from 6am to 10:30am and weekends 8:30am to 11:30am


The Small Group Personal Training programme is broken down into six coaching sessions for maximum results. These sessions cover classes with the following disciplines:


The Small Group Personal Training Programme is broken down into five fitness categories for maximum results. Fat Burn sessions aimed to burn fat, speed up the metabolism, increase the heart rate and you will burn calories for hours after the workout. Fat burning sessions can include HIIT, circuits, boxing, running, bike, 50 rep challenge, deck of cards and plenty more…


TRX sessions focuses on suspension training and the movements of the body while suspended. The workouts are designed to work the core muscles and increase strength.


Strength training sessions can include weight lifting, large compound moves, deck of cards weights, super-sets and ‘1 rep’ max training. Our aim in these sessions is to coach you on how to lift weights using the correct technique and form.


Power Yoga is a dynamic and physically demanding style of Hatha yoga where movement is synchronised with the breath and a set series of postures are linked in a constant flow. Increased strength and flexibility and a reduction in feelings of stress are some of the many benefits of this powerful practice. Helps runners lengthen hamstrings, helps tennis players increase mobility in their shoulders and helps cyclists to loosen into tight hips.


Tone sessions can be used for whole body conditioning, increasing abdominal & core strength. These sessions are very functional and a good way of building up endurance.


Boxing is a fun, high intensity class which combines resistance training with cardio & core exercises.


The JJK1000 is a brand new proven fitness class as plays a major part in our Group Exercise Programme. This class will ensure that all participants burn at minimum of 1000 calories in just one session. We hold this class once a month as special, dates for diary;

Listen to what some of of members say about JJK1000



To enable you to attend these Small Group Training Sessions why not come along on a FREE 10 Day Pass. This will give you an opportunity to see and be part of one of our Small Groups before joining as a Member who then gets unlimited access to a range of different exercise types and groups, held at varying times of the week and with a mixture of Instructors.


Monthly membership fee: £180 for unlimited small group training sessions
Pay as you go: £25 per session

If you train with us up to 5 times per week your membership will cost you £45 per week which works out just £9 per training session. Compared to other Fitness Studios with Supervised Training, this is extremely Good Value in an Electric atmosphere and Amazing results.

You will workout with 5 or more Qualified Level 6 Personal Trainers who have many years of experience, why have one when you can have 5 for the same price.

Coaches; Joe Kelly, Ola Lennon, Ashton Lintern, Sarah Simmonds, Ollie Devlin and Khodi Cain.

Each of the coaches on the Small Group Personal Training programme has their own unique style of training, giving you more variety.


If you would like to try our Small Group Personal Training the why not sign up for a FREE 10 Day Pass and come along without any obligation.

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