ONE TO ONE (1:1)

We recognise that everyone is an individual who requires a bespoke personal training programme to achieve their goals.

At JJK Personal Training, you will benefit from dedicated One-to-One sessions, creating a unique dynamic with your Personal Trainer which allows you to focus on one thing – your results. Personal Training Programmes are held throughout the weekdays from early morning until late evening.


PAIRED (2:1)

Paired sessions allow you to train together, get results fast, have fun, keep each other accountable and lower the cost. You will receive all the added benefits of One-to-One Personal Training, while enjoying the experience with another.

These Paired sessions will allow you both to achieve individual training objectives whilst motivating each other at the same time under the guidance of our fully qualified Personal Trainers. Doubling motivation and splitting the cost of the sessions, it’s win win!



We start by conducting an initial physical analysis to create a training regime specifically tailored for you. We take into  account your current fitness, any past injuries or limitations and nutrition. We then guide you through an entire programme of health and fitness development. This includes training inside and outside the gym, advise for your diet and  lifestyle. This is complemented by our outstanding support services, top of the range equipment and studio facilities.

If you are co-training as a pair we consider both participants profiles. This enables them to work alongside each other increasing their motivation and sustaining joint activity throughout session.

Alongside your personal training programme we offer Nutrition – Gym Grub

Gym Grub is the first and only exercise and nutrition plan where you can train, pick up your meals, get guaranteed results and not have to think about meal prep and counting calories! All your meals are personalised and your PAC plan is set to smash your calorie target on a daily basis. If you remain consistent and stick to the plan, this calorie deficit WILL ensure that you lose weight.



60 minutes:  £55
45 minutes  £45


60 minutes:  £60 (£30 pp)
45 minutes  £50 (£25 pp)

For our 45 minute sessions, you can take advantage of our facilities and come along 15 minutes earlier for an unsupervised warm up


Come along and meet us and have a look round. While you are here we can have a chat about what you want to achieve, over what period and how you feel about your general health and fitness.

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